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a week full of stocks XIX

Mon Aug 11, 2014, 1:51 AM

Daydreaming [Stock] by TheLadyFalcon  Fallen Stock 01 by Reilune  Veronika 1 by kirilee
VIKTORIA-15 by ERIEYE-STOCK  In the field_16 by anastasiya-landa
Sailor 2 by jl-modelstock  TOO THIRSTY TUESDAY - 08 by jademacalla  <da:thumb id="473897886"/> 
The Geisha 02 by KittyTheCat-Stock
Wedding by 13-Melissa-Salvatore  DSC 0500 elfe by MelieMelusine  freestock link back - da usage only by CarolineEwok
Snow White Stock 2 by Tris-Marie
VinylDolls AnimalPrint Outfit 01 by Venus514  Thea - Female Stock reference 8 by faestock  Stock - Gothic \ Fantasy - Royal Immortal by Mahafsoun


Summer Rain by Burtn  Little log house 1 by PridesCrossing
A Greater Span 03 UNRESTRICTED by Elandria  Forest 6 by Lakela
Alhambra 04 by cemacStock
Iceland 5 by LeikyaStock  Iceland 2 by LeikyaStock 
RockStocks300S06038 by RockStocks  Dsc 0057 Staircase 2 by wintersmagicstock
Adamello Park by Simbores  Noord-Hollands Duinreservaat 6 by queenofeagles  Victorian Cottage by fuguestock


Wolf_Stock by stock0naturegraph
<da:thumb id="473582985"/>  2013 August: Wolves in Berlin 54 by windfuchs
Meerkat Stock 32 by Malleni-Stock  Stock - Glowing Fish by hallonsmurfen
<da:thumb id="473550135"/>


Steampunk Hat by Roys-Art  Stock 326 by Agnes-z-Garbledville 

My deviantART story

Thu Aug 7, 2014, 10:58 PM

I'm a huge fan of the Elfquest-Saga :love:

Elfquest-lovers ID by Elfquest-Lovers

I landed therefore somehow on a page called Elfwood (it has nothing to do with elfquest in particular ^^; ) but there I found :iconsaimain: Saimain and instantly loved her art.

Standing Guard Over Master by Saimain  Leader of the Pack by Saimain
Aveyond II by Saimain

So I followed her to deviantART to stalk her even more :giggle:
I created my first account :iconmimose87: mimose87 in April 2008 and faved all and evrything =)
I was so in love with this site.

Color Grey by hibbary  I wish.. by Anniina85  My sanctuary by Tanael 
hay guyz by luve  Striped socks - Tooshtoosh by childrensillustrator
City Escape by Rozefire  A Kiwi's Dream by DolphyDolphiana  In the Forest by celesse

I posted some stories there (all in german and really old ^^;) and my first photography attempts

sundown by mimose87  a beautiful place by mimose87  adoration by mimose87
winterspring by mimose87  summerday by mimose87  window to the sky by mimose87

Soon I stumbled over the the great stock-community here and it was in June 2008 that I created my own stock-account, which is now my main account :giggle:

I've met so many great people here and love to be part of the community. I love to make stock and see my stock get used.

Dream by OhLizz 
Root Lord by conzpiracy  Tras la verja by Energiaelca1

Now I'm off to get my piece of cake :love: :cake:

a week full of stocks XVIII

Fri Aug 1, 2014, 7:35 AM

a week full of stocks XVII

Mon Jul 21, 2014, 10:46 AM

The Evil by Celtica-Harmony  Innocent Soul by DoncellaSuicide 
Little Forest Fairy_2 by anastasiya-landa 
Forest lady - long blue dress - stock by Liancary-art  Stock Red 1 by AncA-P  Culdalasse Laihendi Ranger 13 by PirateLotus-Stock
The Good 2 by Celtica-Harmony  Unicorn 01 by KittyTheCat-Stock  Rose Red5 by faestock
Baum 067 by Giulia-Blacas
Long Summers Day Stock 7 by Tris-Marie  913a6820 by Giulia-Blacas  STOCK by CarolineEwok  2014-04-24 Wizard Wind 107 by skydancer-stock
I want your blood by Kristhania 
Stock - Black and gold Vampire Queen Faun Demon 49 by S-T-A-R-gazer  Medieval Maiden 8 by MajesticStock  My Wedding Day by Danika-Stock


The Cold Blue by Burtn  Stock: Calico Hills by Celem  Lormet-Oriental-Garden-013601B-sml by Lormet-Images
La Palmera Park, Elche by EveLivesey  Mountain 327 - Prouveyrat peak by Momotte2stocks  Fortress 4 By Cindysart-stock by CindysArt-Stock
 Lighthouse 01 by cemacStock  
River 3 by veryevilmastermind    <da:thumb id="469351649"/>
Saline House 02 by CD-STOCK
Seascape 01 by CD-STOCK  Dunes 09 by CD-STOCK  Castle Stock by NickiStock
Pebbles on the Shore by kitszl17  Sea Stock by oOo-Alouette-oOo  Whitby 6 by ciderdrinker69


Wolf puppy 7 by Lakela <da:thumb id="469414400"/>  Animal stock by ratinrage  Friesian hesitating by equustock
freestock - link back by CarolineEwok  Wolverine Stock 10 by HOTNStock  butterfly by busefer   


Stock Enviroment--Sunset Cumulonimbus Clouds by SpiderMilkshakeVases 01 by cemacStock
  Sea shell Stock 052 by Malleni-Stock  daisy by busefer 

:eager: look what the postman brought to me this week :boogie:

it's Stalkerkitty
Stalker Mug by trenchmaker 

happy me:
happy me by mimose-stock

now it has new friends
new home of the stalker kitty by mimose-stock

I won the sweety in the great raffle :icontrenchmaker: trenchmaker held on facebook

Nymph 06 by KittyTheCat-Stock

Rouge11 by faestock  Boho Stock 06 by Anna-LovelyMonster  White dress by GifsandStock
News 1 by inferno-sensus 
Stock-Photo [159] by Model-Salvaje
Snow Princess Stock 9 by kayleeehall  Battlestar Galactica - Admiral Stock10 by Joran-Belar
Red Riding Hood8 by faestock


428 by MASYON  Stock 174 by TheVikingStock 
189 by MASYON  Bavarian Mountains by Burtn
Castle 3 Stock by LaraGirlySkull 
Courtyard of the Maidens by EveLivesey  Lormet-Oriental-Garden-0025_01sml by Lormet-Images


Honey Drop by Shiroi-Despair

Shark II by dollieflesh-stock  Gulf Coast Toad (sitting) by Sand-Rae  Snail by FrankAndCarySTOCK


Rainy Lily 01 by botanystock 

I got tagged by the lovely :iconceeek-stock: ceeek-stock :aww:
sorry Claudia, I thought better late than never ^^;

10 things about me:
1. I live with my hubby :iconnevermoresnight: nevermoresnight in a tiny apartment (30 square meters) but we have a terrace :boogie:
2. We both love pen and paper roleplay (especially The Dark Eye)
3. After being 20 years away from the sea, I still miss it
4. I'm very good at killing house plants
5. I own 120 games on steam, and I have 49 games on my wishlist
6. I have a arachnephobia
7. Beside photography, I like to write, sew, sculpture and more
8. I can't play an instrument
9. I read LOTR 8 times
10. I love to play board games

1. If you could go on a space travel. Which planet would you like to explore?
saturn, I'd love to see the rings from the other side :aww:

red planet by mickeyrem  Planetary Rings Tutorial by dinyctis

2. Do you like the sun or the moon? Or both?
I like the moon, though I'm a early bird

Cresent Moon by TommyGK  Moon STOCK by wyldraven 

3. In mythology: Which god/goddess would you like to impersonate?
Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt, Forests and Hills, the Moon, Archery

Stock Artemis Shoot Image 8 by RobertElsmore  Artemis I by Eirian-stock

4. Which, apart from creating art, is your favourite activity?

Reading I by Eirian-stock  Sailor Reading 2 by SenshiStock

Antique Books 1 by DamselStock  002 - Books Old by Asylium-StocK

5. Where would you like to live, if you could choose freely?
somewhere at the sea, iceland perhaps

<da:thumb id="449119184"/>  Iceland Photos 12 by The-Doomed-one

6. Which grade did you have in elementary school in your art class?
a bad one :la:

Painting Their OWN FUTURE by gotosumeet

7. What is the main reason you are on dA and not on some other similar site?
The art of  :iconsaimain: Saimain I followed her to dA and get stuck :dalove:

Lament for Glory by Saimain  Masquerade: All is Vanity by Saimain  Forsaken by Saimain  I Am Destroyed So Peacefully by Saimain  Beloved by Saimain
some of her great works from old to new

8. What is the meaning of your username?

mimosa by ViridiPlantae

Wikipedia: Mimosa pudica (from Latin: pudica "shy, bashful or shrinking"; also called sensitive plant, sleepy plant and the touch-me-not), is a creeping annual or perennial herb often grown for its curiosity value: the compound leaves fold inward and droop when touched or shaken, to protect them from predators, re-opening minutes later.

source: Wikipedia

my best friends studies biologie had had lots of this funny plants at home for experiments when I created my account :aww:

9. What did you eat for breakfast this morning?
toast with nutella (as every morning :aww:)

Kawaii toast necklace - Miss Nutella Toast by TenereDelizie  i love nutella by dragonette1

10. If you could ask me one more question. Which would it be? And please also answer it yourself. I'm curious. ;-) (Wink)
Who inspired you most in the last time?

:iconmalleni-stock: Malleni-Stock & :iconwintersmagicstock: wintersmagicstock

The new questions:
1. What is your favourite place?
2. If you could be an animal, what would you like to be?
3. Who was the first deviant you watched?
4. Who was the first deviant that watched you?
5. What kind of art would you like to try, but haven't yet (for various reasons)
6. Coffee or tea?
7. What was your first fandom?
8. What was the funniest thing that happend to you the last week?
Who inspired you most in the last time?
10. If your current life would be a movie, what's the title?

and I tag:

:iconeirian-stock: :iconsaperlipop: :icondreamcatcher-stock: :iconelifsiebenpfeiffer: :iconfifthchukka: :iconhippievan57: :iconkhudozhnik-stock: :iconkuschelirmel-stock: :iconsvenimal: :iconschnette:

Now the rules:
1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person has to share 10 things about themselves.
3. Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
4. Choose the 10 people and put them on your journal.
5. Go to their page to inform them they are tagged.
6. Not something like "You are tagged if you read that."
7. You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
8. No tag-backs.
9. You can't say you don't do tags.
(Actually: I'd love you to do this, but if you really don't want to, then just don't do it...:aww:)

Hey pals, :w00t:

finally I'm back again :boogie:

I missed you so !!! :huggle: to all

All thanks to the awesome :iconwintersmagicstock: wintersmagicstock :tighthug:

DSC00292 Rose Headdress 3 by wintersmagicstock  DSC00332 Chaise Longue by wintersmagicstock  DSC00166 Low Tide 4 by wintersmagicstock

and what was going on last week in the stock-community?
STOCK ~ Scream by SoniaJosie
Untitled by GothicDark-Stock  Amelia3 by faestock  red dress by jl-modelstock
Stock - Black and gold Vampire Queen Faun Demon 35 by S-T-A-R-gazer  Vamp 2 by 13-Melissa-Salvatore  Snow Princess Stock 1 by kayleeehall
Niki Leia 4a by jagged-eye  Girl stock photo by Kawaielli-stock  Lisa Graham Black Widow 6a by jagged-eye
White Dress Small Child Girl 002 by ShawnaMac  underwater 23 by bumimanusiastock
jason aaron baca spartan0588 by jasonaaronbaca 

Mature Content

Blondie Stock (31) by GeekySica
Little Wizardess Preview by RachgracehStock 
Pantheon 3 by inferno-sensus  Girl by faestock  <da:thumb id="464326569"/> 
Luthien Tinuviel 8 by Anariel-Stock 
<da:thumb id="462764549"/>  Oracle stock 8 by charligal-stock  Stock-Photo [149] by Model-Salvaje
Mella14 by faestock  Brining Life To Dead Earth by InvisibleGirlStock  2014-04-26 Gold Violin 36 by skydancer-stock


Stock: Cactus Forest by Celem  DSC01627ps Camel's Head Mountain from Oak Creek by VIRGOLINEDANCER1
Castle Marienburg 4 by wollibear  198 by MASYON
Mountains 03 by cemacStock 
Landscape of frost by Castlemoor-stock  Mist by dani221
Beach 09 by GraphicsKiwi  DSC00944 St. Cynog's Church, Ystradgunlais by VIRGOLINEDANCER1 
Sand Castle Stock 2 by Cassy-Blue 
Eilean Donan Castle by cemacStock
Beach 16 by GraphicsKiwi  DSC00495 Bristol Cross, Stourhead Gardens by VIRGOLINEDANCER1 
Thailand Buildings 1 by kimmy-k-stock 
46 by MASYON  bridge by netbandit


Stock: Eye Contact by Celem  Dino 034 by Notorious-Stock
<da:thumb id="464447455"/>  Fish Stock 03 by Malleni-Stock
Florida Scrubjay Stock 6 by Cassy-Blue  Bird Stock 070 by Malleni-Stock
Duck stock 4 by Elsapret  Serious Bobcat by Jack-Random


Ferret paw pads by Shegoran 
<da:thumb id="464374418"/>  Day in the Wind... Stock 26 by SpiritWulffe
  Holzkiste 2 by gestandene  sky 70 by chasmdeep
Tulip Snail Eggcase Stock 2 by Cassy-Blue 
44 Awesome Fireballs of Flame Fire by Archangelical-Stock
Fireworks XXIII by ChristophMaier 

Little Witch 011 by ShawnaMac
The green fairy 10 by ChamarjinLiebe by 13-Melissa-Salvatore
Kizy by kizysemStories by faestock
Sisters5 by KBJ-77
s DSC2902 by VXLPhotographyDrawing reference: Bella Muerta 1 by LetzteSchatten-stock
Mervilina by MervilinaPurple Belly Dance Stock 08 by LoryenZeytin


Landscape stock 10 by PridesCrossing
Happy Birthday Helene by EveLivesey


<da:thumb id="402907172"/>
chestnut tovero paint horse 5 by venomxbabyStock Photo Cat by TheMysticWolf


DSC06520 Mad Hatter's Hat 4 by wintersmagicstock
Jack-O-Lantern 01 by KYghost

Stock 179 by Agnes-z-Garbledville
Fairytale 8 by Kuoma-stockKhaleesi 10 by CathleenTarawhitiGrey 6 by Tasastock
Samurai STOCK VI by PhelanDavionUniversal Soldier STOCK II by PhelanDavionLucky Guy STOCK by PhelanDavion
Ilsa by magikstock
Halloween_71 by anastasiya-landa
Babette by VXLPhotographyDornish Girl 01 by svp-stockRed Priestess - throne by HypnoticRose


Bury Parish Church HDR by kippa2001
<da:thumb id="397681911"/>Wetland Background by Burtn
Castle Gardens by Cynnalia-Stock<da:thumb id="396406302"/>
<da:thumb id="397987912"/>Square Tower 3 by fuguestock
Bermuda 070 by FairieGoodMotherMountain - streamy stock by streamy-stock
<da:thumb id="398481482"/><da:thumb id="398889757"/>
Mountain - streamy stock by streamy-stock


White Lion Stock 9 by HOTNStock
`STOCK - tip toe 1. by anktian
Arabian horse 2 by Linay-stock
Whitetip Reef Shark by YBsilon-Stock


Autumn has started by SarahharaS1Sky 70 by Sed-rah-Stock
<da:thumb id="398320914"/>Red Moroccan Lantern by jojo22Macro foliage 11 by windfuchs
Fire Show 14 by K1ku-Stock
One-77 by FurLined

dance pose by jl-modelstockDusk6 by faestock
Stock - Steampunk Fairy 4 by S-T-A-R-gazerStock - Burton Style 4 by S-T-A-R-gazer
And Then The Wind Came by EstrudaSimple white dress II by GillianStockStock - Vampire Queen 4 by S-T-A-R-gazer
PJ 2 by kirileeStock - Pin-up with case .. travel by S-T-A-R-gazerdemonSingular demon Plural demons by 13-Melissa-Salvatore
Gold Dress 068 by elusiveeleganceLynea 1 by MandyTrimm
STOCK - Born from Darkness by TheGhostSiren
Black Witch I by GillianStockFemale Warrior 1 by ghosttrinThe Only Light - Pose Reference for Drawing by SenshiStock
BellyDance 08 by tsubasacompany-stockFire 7 by ChamarjinBelly Dancer Veil Stock 15 by LoryenZeytin
Johnny shooting revolver by comicReferenceLaarnie 2 by CathleenTarawhitiThe Power Of The Witch by Estruda
Mermaid 258 by NaomiFan


French Lake 8 by LucieG-Stock
Stock Austria by MariKariSFeather grass in bloom stock #11 by croicroga
Snow Pub 2 by fuguestock
Hereford Cathedral HDR by kippa2001<da:thumb id="395178264"/>
French Lake 1 by LucieG-StockCloud n dry grass by SaiyanPowerful
DSC00644 Battle Abbey 5 by wintersmagicstockDSC00684 Battle Abbey 24 by wintersmagicstock
Salem Mental Hospital 004 - stock by Rabbit0808Forest 1 by MASYON
<da:thumb id="395630445"/>Secluded Clearing by oddmountain
Muddy Hill Field Stock 2 by Idle-Emma-Stock
Sunny Spot by AustriaAngloAllianceBeach Stock 10 by AircatSkylion
tree 19 by chasmdeepMisty Evening by oddmountain
Falls 6 by SalsolaStock
The Moss On The Oak by Estruda
Landscape Stock 222 by Colourize-Stock


King Penguin 2 Stock by jojo22Comma by SarahharaS1
<da:thumb id="394539581"/><da:thumb id="394458174"/>
Booboo of Oz by lieveheersbeestje


Old clock by RoseCSAT-Stock- Stuff003 by At-Stock
Ratty by FurLined<da:thumb id="395352789"/>

Victoriana53 by faestockSwing 2 by Kuoma-stockGeorgia pink dress 7 by CathleenTarawhiti
Isabelle by CathleenTarawhitiWhite lady3 by polocola
sherpa stock by VXLPhotographyTobey Red Warrior 1a by jagged-eye
Merida 1 by magikstock<da:thumb id="392253191"/>Dive into the wind (2013) by QueenWerandra
elfe12 by MelieMelusine
Red queen9 by polocola
RedRidingHood by VXLPhotographyDark Queen 9 by inferno-sensus


Morning light 4 by Kuoma-stock
Flowers At The Lakeside by BurtnLake and Clouds by AustriaAngloAlliance
Castle Pond by Cynnalia-StockThe Garden Arch by Cynnalia-Stock
Mountain 315 - view from pic de Gleize by Momotte2stocksRemarkable Rocks Stock (07) by GhostlyStudios
Landscape Stock 221 by Colourize-StockAt -Stock Castle003 by At-Stock
waterfall 30 by chasmdeepRailroad Tracks by ktryon
venice 7 by chasmdeep
Cresent Lake Hike by xdancingintheraingarden 26 by chasmdeep


Buttercups by SarahharaS1Peacock by SarahharaS1
Berlin 5 by Lakela
Seal by kuschelirmel-stock
Lightning Blue by RyanTrevorPhoto


Rococo Canape by senzostock

White Lady 4 by Kuoma-stock
Nili Tribal 3a by jagged-eye
Portrait with a smile by BartekLauri
The Night's Queen I by PhiloetSophiaSpring Is In The Air by EstrudaGeorgia blue dress 2 by CathleenTarawhiti

Mature Content

Doll by Nick 2012-08-31 11 by skydancer-stock

Iberian warriors attack stock 2 by IngwellRitter-Stock


Gothic library 02 by ForestGirlStockSouthwark Cathedral 4K by kippa2001Mudejar Window by EveLivesey
Berry Pomeroy Castle 11 GothicBohemianStock by OghamMoonGlass Corridor by AustriaAngloAlliance
AT-Stock Forest016a by At-StockSmoky Mountains over Gatlinburg by Vesperity-Stock
Alnwick Coast 4 by RaeyenIrael-Stock
<da:thumb id="389675005"/>


What's happening overthere? by SarahharaS1
Crow by FrankAndCarySTOCK

deer antler fantasy stock 6 by Liancary-artVintage lady in profile 0004 by MementoMori-stockThe Wilds by lindowyn-stock
The Keys by EstrudaVanessa Rinoa 3a by jagged-eyeDanielle white dress 13 by CathleenTarawhiti
Die rote Braut by 13-Melissa-SalvatoreVictoriana39 by faestock

Mature Content

Caitlynn 16 Cute and Awkward Nude Poses Ref Stock by ArtReferenceSource
Sitting Couple Embrace - Kiss  01 by Null-Entity
Arabian Costume 3 by shi-stockNicole Frankie 2a by jagged-eyeSTOCK - Fantasy Goth by Mahafsoun
In the water_66 by anastasiya-landaCandy 7 by Fluffybunny29stock<da:thumb id="388461865"/>
Self Portrait by scottb1977girl with a bandage2 by sergekrivoshei
Waves of Amber by lindowyn-stock


summer field stock by koko-stockunderwater 5 by chasmdeep
In The Canyon by BurtnStock 208 by UmbraDeNoapte-Stock
St George's Hall HDR by kippa2001MK Frontierland Stock 15 by AreteStock
Stone Steps.. by WelshDragonStockNArt
Capilla Castle by AustriaAngloAlliance
Mountain 313 - on the top of Palastre by Momotte2stocksStock 74 by EvilHateYouAllStock
Montain-stock streamy by streamy-stockStock: Subtle Turn by PapayaPirate


Dog 2 by Colourize-StockCatherineCross Barn Owl by CatherineCross
Relishing honeybee by SarahharaS1
<da:thumb id="387263381"/>
Wild animal 310 - Japanese macaques family by Momotte2stocks


<da:thumb id="388748686"/>
Sky 006 by Notorious-Stockwater lily stock image by Nexu4
AT-Stock - Firework006 by At-Stock

Ellena 3 by CathleenTarawhitiVanessa Rinoa 2a by jagged-eyeSummer Stock 10 by Malleni-Stock
Black Fire 11 by JaymaseeWhite Dress 26 by Fluffybunny29stockIn the forest by anettfrozen
The Walking Dead - Stock by KaylaDavion Free Fall - Drawing Pose Reference by SenshiStock
Nymph 2 - stock by MirishGold Dress 021 by elusiveeleganceSigns of Spring Stock 11 by KahinaSpirit
Baroque Lady on andalusian by Nexu4
Danielle 49 by CathleenTarawhitiL i l a c S t o c k __ 1 by LeafsStockVictoriana by faestock
Elf with long hair 1 by MelieMelusine


<da:thumb id="384458170"/>
Little World by Burtn

foggy trees by somestockmeadow white flowers and trees background by Nexu4
by the pond 2 by LucieG-Stock
Fallen Tree Path by simfonic
old bench on the shore of the pond by Korolevatumana
Ruins Background - streamy stock by streamy-stockCastle -streamy stock by streamy-stock
Astley Hall 4K by kippa2001


Take off by RyanTrevorPhoto
Bird 310 - fluffy robin by Momotte2stocksRed fox by ImmortalArrow
Wild animal 308 - running squirrel by Momotte2stocksWhat's up? by EternalOcean<da:thumb id="383896410"/>


Gaslight Petrol Lamp by Jantiff-StocksStatue 2 by yinetyang
<da:thumb id="384478484"/>Stock image - Flower 11 by StanHoneyThief
Birthday by pronouncedyoua birthday by springonionTopsy Turvey Birthday Cake by pinkcakebox

Sorry no feature this weekend, I had to attend three birthdays  =D
party hard :party:

Latex Stock 3 by sinn-stock Cyber4 by Nydiwia-stock Black Lace Stock II by DanielleFioreModel
Generation Kill 2 - 12 by chirinstock Spear Attack Duo (Jump) 03 by Null-Entity Male Stock 247 by BirdsistersStock
Stock by devious-stock Danielle pink dress 1 by CathleenTarawhiti
Portrait by BartekLauri
Anastasia_60 by anastasiya-landa :thumb380626790:
Flower Hair 10 by Fluffybunny29stock Blonde throwing a spear by comicReference
Captain Anazalia 5 by PirateLotus-Stock Rainy-Day by SandraVogel


House 1 by Civetta70 Guitar by ceeek-stock
Zion 2237 by Vinanti Cliffs stock 4 by Beyond-monday
Yellowstone 9 by londondesgins :thumb381066036:
Lormet_Oriental-Architecture0308 by Lormet-Images
Landscape Stock 218 by Colourize-Stock Evening Clearing by oddmountain The Marshes by Burtn


Snowy Egret Plume by RoseCS
Fuzzy Terror by DeadHeadStock Pole Position by vabserk
Sitting Bear by AustriaAngloAlliance :thumb381479349:
On my way by SarahharaS1


:thumb379854349: DSC05099 Cat Witch's Hat With Mice 1 by wintersmagicstock HFan by mistyt-stock Shrooms by KuRiKo07

sorry for my long absence :(,
but first I was ill :sick:,
then I was on my first LARP-convention :w00t:
and finally me and my hubby had weddingday and my grandparents had golden wedding.... :party:

but now I've finally time to do another week full of stock:

Stormborn 3 by Jaymasee
Aiming STOCK by PhelanDavion Sarah Dancer 3a by jagged-eye Oceans of Sky 06 by Elandria
Day After Tomorrow 4 by mizzd-stock
Sibyl28 by faestock Daena 8 by Kuoma-stock Mavka  26 by Kuoma-stock
Street Fighter 13 by syccas-stock
Danielle umbrella 6 by CathleenTarawhiti Underwater 11 by bumimanusiastock


RockStocks 7728 by RockStocks
Holiday park Stock 11 by Malleni-Stock Old Forest Home by Burtn
Waterscape stock by ratinrage Rolling Landscape by EveLivesey


Springtime by SarahharaS1
:thumb378581713: Listen Brothers by SarahharaS1 Eastern Box Turtle 6 by Irie-Stock


Pressed flowers stock 2 by Rocktuete
Sci-fi_Prop 10 - Stock by Inadesign-Stock Zonda F by FurLined

Golden Steampunk girl Stock by Nerium-Oleanders
Valentine19 by faestock Caucasian Samurai STOCK II by PhelanDavion Talyn Stone Twisted Snow White 4a by jagged-eye
Sexy-steampunk-girls-11 Large by KaverCalixte12
:thumb367604719: :thumb367936166:

Mature Content

Magda W6a7314 by kamarte
Moire 30 by liam-stock
Gluttony 15 by Tasastock


Never Walk Alone by AustriaAngloAlliance
Ethiopian Castle by fuguestock Brightling Church by wintersmagicstock
Landscape Stock 198 by Colourize-Stock Conciergerie Palais de Justice01 by Jules171
RockStocks 2603 by RockStocks
Coconut trees, Agonda Beach, Goa by dextrr Preview CherryBlossomLake01 by Bnspyrd
Castle Atrium 2 by YBsilon-Stock Arcade by pixelmixtur-stocks
Trackway by wintersmagicstock
Mountain Sunset by AustriaAngloAlliance Ivy Border by Jantiff-Stocks Jewish Cemetery Stock 45 by Malleni-Stock Nieswurz by Burtn


Aquatic Stock 8 by HOTNStock
Spring love dance by Angiepureheart Yellow Pine Chipmunk 1 by SalsolaStock Bente 1 by Esveeka Deer stock 01 by Astralsteed


SKY TEXTURE STOCK v8 by Moonglowlilly Epicly awesome revolver by DarkNight-13 SUITCASE  STOCK by 1989juni

Winters Melody - Stock by MariaAmanda
STOCK photo - Bollywood princess by feeora MAT_01 by jademacalla 3 by MiraNox

Mature Content

White Bed- red dreads by DanailyaReese-stock
Model 9 (K) by Hoangvanvan
Black Stripes 1 by Fluffybunny29stock :thumb366387469: Grey Princess - Stock Preview by MariaAmanda
22 (2) by MiraNox :thumb366402868: 13 by MiraNox
Renaissance Stock III by DanielleFioreModel
Eirwen 17 by Tasastock Model 14 (The Prince) by Hoangvanvan Dance of Spring - Preview Stock by EmeraldVenom-Stock
Dawid Auguscik by IanSmolderhalder The Witching Hour 15 by Tasastock Arwenstock by LeLePhotography
victorian picnic 2010 wgt leipzig by MadaleySelket Elle Gypsy 3a by jagged-eye


Simien Mountains 4 by fuguestock Castle Ruins Ruttenstein 1 by AlexanderHuebner
Old Mill by ktryon Gazebo by YBsilon-Stock
:thumb365885544: Lakeshore and Mountains by AustriaAngloAlliance
Forest by Winesmoke Old Lonesome Church by Burtn
Winding River by AustriaAngloAlliance Weekend by Burtn


Dove by FrankAndCarySTOCK
Crow by FrankAndCarySTOCK Say aaaaa by SarahharaS1


stock 4 u by FeliFee
Steampunk Mechanical Antique Watch Movement by CatherinetteRings Lantern by FrankAndCarySTOCK
:thumb365819697: 1965 MG Midget by FurLined

Stock Joyce 5 by lichtschrijver the digger by VXLPhotography felicity 1 by magikstock
Who Is The Fairest Of Them All? 7 by Tasastock :thumb365277567:  Red Riding Hood and the Wolf Stock 1 by PrincessAndDragon
Green 2013-17-03 26 by skydancer-stock
A Gentleman's Last Act Dive 13 by Null-Entity Purple Hair 5 by dazzle-stock
Meadow13 by faestock
It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere - Pose Reference by SenshiStock Art Nouveau Spring 2 by Kuoma-stock
Traveller 11 by dazzle-stock Expressions 1 by Durkee341
Briar by CathleenTarawhiti The summer mood_2 by anastasiya-landa
:thumb364390267: Eirwen and Prince 5 by Tasastock shadow hunter portrait 8 by magikstock
civilwar 3 by magikstock Untitled by PetiteChik
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Model 2 by Hoangvanvan

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Roman Bridge Arch by EveLivesey The Sella Group by Sergiba
Building stock 3 by TreasureTrove
Cemetery...  Mausoleum by ItsAllStock
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Landscape Stock 04 by LuDa-Stock light house off the hoe plymouth by Sceptre63
East Hill Cliff Railway by wintersmagicstock Tower 2 by chasmdeep RockStocks 1796 by RockStocks


IC 1 by Colourize-Stock [STOCK] [Hi-Res] Tiger by Seb-Photos
Cool 'do by kayaksailor [STOCK] [Hi-Res] Hyena by Seb-Photos
Exploring the World by Khalliysgraphy


Glass Vase by FrankAndCarySTOCK Natural fire stock form the top by M3los93
Skulls by Minotaur-Queen Little Bottles by FrankAndCarySTOCK
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